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Firmware debugging with Eclipse

Download pdf: Firmware debugging with Eclipse

This blog shows step-by-step how to debug and flash firmware with IOsonata

1. Connect IDK-BLYST-NANO to your computer.


2. Debugging Firmware with OpenODC

We will start with Blinky Project as an example.

Select Blinky Project, Right click select Debug Configuration



Double click on GDB OpenOCD Debugging

In Main tab, at C/C++ Application click Search Project


Select Blinky.elf


In Debugger tab, set Config options

-f "interface/cmsis-dap.cfg"
-f "target/nrf52.cfg"

Browse OpenOCD executable file and ARM GDB executable file.

Click Debug


After you start the debugger, it will stop at main(). Now you can debug the firmware by clicking the step button (F5, F6) to trace your source code line by line.

3. Flashing Firmware

Click Run button to run the firmware on your device



4. Debugging and Flashing BleAdvertiser Firmware

BleAdvertiser requires NRF SDK softdevice components so we have to flash softdevice first. Use IDAPnRFProg to flash NRF softdevice using IDAP-Link. Download here IDAPnRFProg

Run IDAPnRFProg by following command line:

$.\IDAPnRFProg.exe   .\external\nRF5_SDK\components\softdevice\s132\hex\s132_nrf52_7.2.0_softdevice.hex
IDAPnRFProg Ver. 1.8.201221
Copyright 2014-2020, I-SYST inc. All rights reserved
Found IDAP-Link/M - S/N : 4030318000216, Firmware : 1.6.201011
Target device found : 1
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : nRF52832-CIAAB0, Rev.-1, HWID = 0x52832, DEVID = 0x5A6E40192D427DB2
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Flash size = 524288, Ram size = 65536
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Device address = 0x237DE024308F
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Erase all
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Blank checking...
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Chip erased
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Programming 153964 bytes...
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Programmed 150 KB in 8.696 sec at rate 17.290 KB/s
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Verifying...
IDAP-Link/M-4030318000216 : Programming succeeded.
Total programmed 1 nRF5x devices in 11.177 sec, 300 KB R/W transfered, rate = 26.840 KB/s

After flashing Bluetooth Low Energy Module in IDK-BLYST-NANO with IDAPnRFProg, we can now debug and flash firmware BleAdvertiser on IDK-BLYST-NANO