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The IDAP-Link is a low-cost CMSIS-DAP JTAG debug probe with enhanced features.

  • It can do more with it than just debugging.
  • It appears as a USB disk drive that allows firmware flashing easily by copying the firmware file over without requiring any special flashing software and works instantly with any operating system.
  • It provides a UART to USB bridge for communication between the target device and the PC.
  • It also provides a regulated 3.3V to directly power the target device without additional power source by taking advantage of the USB power source. These features turn the target device into mBed enable.
  • It can be used as an ultra-low-cost solution to production programming.
  • BSP is provided for use with Open Source CMSIS-DAP firmware from which makes it totally customizable.

  • Support both SWD & JTAG mode
  • Debug compatibility with most IDE such as Keil, CrossWorks, Eclipse, etc.
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator to power the target device
  • UART to USB bridge for communication between target and PC
  • mBed enabled target board
  • Firmware flashing by drag & drop simply by copying the file over micro-SD slot for flash programming without a PC
  • BSP is provided for Open Source CMSIS-DAP firmware from

TVCC: Target Vcc. Coming from the target device.
SWDIO/TMS, SWCLK/TCK: SWD connections.
3.3V: This the 3.3V supply output from the IDAP-Link. This can be used on the power target board.
T_TXD, T_RXD, T_RTS, T_CTS: UART connections
T_OUT: Digital I/O output reserved for future use
GND: Digital signal ground.
Connecting to target
SWD mode connection to target requires the following pins: TVCC, GND, SWDIO/TMS,
JTAG mode connection to target requires at least these pins: TVCC, GND, SWDIO/TMS,
SWCLK/TCK, TDI, TDO. TRST is optional

UART bridge: Connect T_TXD to UART TXD on target, T_RXD to UART RXD, T_RTS to
UART RTS, T_CTS to UART CTS on target and GND

P2 – ARM Coresight 10 pins connector
The P2 is the ARM standard 1.27mm pitch 10 pins CoreSight connector.




S1 – ISP boot/Program
This button is used to put the IDAP-Link into the ISP bootloader for a firmware update. Keep this button press during power-up.
When the IDAP-Link is power up without connecting to the PC, this button is used to activate the programming target with firmware load from the microSD card.

S2 – IDAP-Link Reset
This button will reset the IDAP-Link board. To put the IDAP-Link in bootloader for a firmware update. Press this reset button with the S1 (ISP) button, release S2 while keeping S1 pressed for 3

S3 – Target hardware Reset
This button is connected to the target reset pin. Pressing this button will reset the target if the target has a reset pin connected to the JTAG/SWD connector (P1 or P2)

IDAP-Link at image