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NEW! The BLUEPYRO-M3225 is an ultra low-power, miniature (22 x 15mm), low profile motion/proximity detection System on Module.

  • It is an integration of an I-SYST BLYST Nano Bluetooth(R) 5 module with an Excelitas PYD2592, a dual element PIR sensor with digital output and wake-up/sleep mode functionality.
  • With a 64MHz Nordic nRF52832 ARM(R) M4F at its core and 27 programmable GPIO, it is the perfect solution for fast times to market, while addressing the growing global demands for additional sensor functionality and connectivity, particularly in support of low-power, low-cost, industrial design, IoT application requirements.
  • A fully open-source SDK is available for writing user application firmware directly on the module. Hence eliminating the requirement of an external MCU, reducing costs and time to market.






The PYD 2592 is a parallel opposed format, two elements detector based on fully RohS compliant pyroelectric material. The signal is converted to a digital value using Sigma-Delta and DSP techniques. A configurable motion detection unit is implemented. Once motion was detected, an interrupt will be sent to the host system. Putting the host system to sleep an overall ultra low power consumption will be achieved. All data is accessible by the host system to enable advanced signal analysis with your own detection criteria.

  • Integrated digitization
  • Motion detection unit with Interrupt function
  • Responsivity: 3.7kV/N
  • Low-power consumption of only 3μA at 1.8V
  • Dual detector with 2×1mm2 elements
  • 146° field-of-view
  • LCC SMD housing for re-flow soldering


BLYST Nano Module Features

  • Built-in ceramic antenna
  • Built-in coils for low power DC/DC mode
  • Built-in 32 MHz & 32.768 MHz crystal for low power
  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 1.6 mm
  • No extra PCB spaces or any external components required on users' application board
  • All I/O pins of the nRF52832 are exposed to pads around the edges of the module to take full advantage of the nRF52832 and for easy assembly without compromise
  • FCC & CE certified

    nRF52832 Features

    • Single-chip, highly flexible, 2.4 GHz multi-protocol SoC
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F Processor
    • 1.7 V to 3.6 V operation
    • 512 kB flash + 64 kB RAM
    • Supports concurrent Bluetooth low energy/ANT protocol operation
    • On-chip NFC tag for Out-of-Band (OOB) pairing
    • Up to +4 dBm output power
    • -96 dBm sensitivity, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    • Thread-safe and run-time protected
    • Event-driven API
    • On-air compatible with nRF24L and nRF24AP series
    • 2 data rates (2 Mbps/1 Mbps)
    • PPI - maximum flexibility for power-efficient applications and code simplification
    • Automated power management system with automatic power management of each peripheral
    • Configurable I/O mapping for analog and digital I/O
    • 3 x Master/Slave SPI
    • 2 x Two-wire interface (I²C)
    • UART (RTS/CTS)
    • 3 x PWM
    • AES HW encryption
    • 12-bit ADC
    • Real-time Counter (RTC)
    • Digital microphone interface (PDM)


    Frequency Band

    2.4 GHz ISM

    On-air data rate

    2 Mbps and 1 Mbps Bluetooth LE 1 Mbps ANT

    2 Mbps and 1 Mbps 2.4 GHz proprietary


    Output power

    Programmable: -20 to +4 dBm in 4 dB steps


    -96 dBm Bluetooth LE 1 Mbps

    -89 dBm Bluetooth LE 2 Mbps

    -93 dBm 1 Mbps ANT

    -30 dBm whisper mode


    1 dB resolution

    Radio current consumption with DC/DC at 3V

    7.5 mA TX at +4 dBm output power

    5.3 mA TX at 0 dBm output power

    5.4 mA RX at 1 Mbps



    ARM® CortexTM M4F

    Floating Point Unit



    Flash 512 KB (+ cache), 64 KB RAM


    32 configurable



    NFC-A Tag


    12-bit 200 ksps


    General purpose, low-power










    System peripheral bus

    20-channel PPI

    Power supply

    Automatic system power


    System current consumption DC/DC at 3V

    DC/DC (1.7 V to 3.6 V), LDO (1.7 V to 3.6 V)

    0.3 μA No RAM retention

    1.2 uA All peripherals in IDLE mode

    1.6 uA All peripherals IDLE mode (32 kHz + RTC) 20 nA per 4 KB - RAM retention



    215 EEMBC CoreMark® (3.36 CoreMark/MHz)

    58 CoreMark®/mA (Flash)

    • Smart Home products
    • Industrial mesh networks
    • Smart city infrastructure
    • Wireless intrusion detection
    • Battery operated